Boris Guennewig

Boris Guennewig

Born: 1982, Emmerich am Rhein

Nationality: German, Australian

Occupation: Research Scientist, Entrepreneur

Boris Guennewig

Boris Guennewig, Dr. sc. ETH, Dipl.-Chem., MAICD (born 1982 in Emmerich am Rhein) is a German/Australian research scientist and entrepreneur. He is a Senior lecturer and Head of the Bioinformatics & Statistics Research Group at the Brain and Mind Centre of the University of Sydney, the founder and principal consultant of a bioinformatics software company, pacific analytics and a co-founder and CTO of a Sydney-based data science company smrtr pty ltd.[1][2]


Boris Guennewig studied chemistry at the University of Muenster. He obtained his Diplom in chemistry at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine with Dietmar Vestweber and his PhD in Nucleic Acid Research & Medicinal Chemistry with Harry Towbin (inventor of the Western Blot) and Jonathan Hall at the Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences at ETH Zurich, Switzerland.[3] Subsequently he was recruited by John Mattick to the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Darlinghurst.

He founded Pacific Analytics PTY LTD in early 2017, and the bioinformatics production and pipelines were acquired by GenieUs Genomics in 2020.[4][5]

In April 2017 he became Head of the Bioinformatics & Statistics Research Group at the Brain and Mind Centre of the University of Sydney, Australia.[1]

In September 2019 he co-founded the data science company smrtr pty ltd.[2]

He served as a Scientific board advisor to non-for-profit “Iggy Get Out”, is a founding member of the International Cerebral Palsy Consortium and a technical advisor to The Australian Genomics Health Alliance.[6][7][8]

He has been an invited speaker in the statistics and data science community and in the USA, China and Brazil. He co-authored software in the statistical analysis language R "blkbox - Data Exploration with Multiple Machine Learning Algorithms", which has been downloaded > 10.000 times.[9][10][11][12][13][14][15] He publishes in mainstream media as well as in peer-reviewed scientific journals.[16][17]


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